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Regency Flooring

Stunning Wood Flooring Options For Tonbridge Customers

Attractive, durable and long lasting, our wood flooring offers homeowners and commercial business owners across Tonbridge the chance to increase the value of their property while improving the look and feel of it at the same time.

During our many years in the industry, our highly skilled and experienced wood flooring fitters have supplied and fitted every type of wood flooring imaginable from all the leading manufacturers, including V4, Kahrs, Panaget, Juncker's, Haro Laminate, Boen and Original Timber.

With decades of experience in the industry, our flooring fitters know what works and what doesn't and professionally fit wood flooring that's perfect for any business, public, home and industrial area across Tonbridge and the surrounding region.

Being a natural product, our high quality wood flooring will acclimatise to the various aesthetics and characteristics of the building in which it has been fitted. This ensures that is contributes to a balanced room climate, meaning better energy efficiency and lower energy bills.

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Provided across Tonbridge, we offer an extensive wood floor fitting service, including:

  • Adhesive bonding where applicable
  • Floating floor installations
  • Top quality underlay
  • Acoustic underlayment’s where required
  • Sanding and face filling
  • Top quality seals, oils and polishes
  • Bonding over underfloor heating systems
  • Skirtings and threshold details
Wood Flooring

We have decades of wood flooring experience

Regardless of what your wood flooring requirements or needs are, we have the experience, expertise, materials and quality to provide a cost effective, attractive and reliable solution.

Providing businesses and homeowners from across Tonbridge with the finest in wood and laminate flooring installations.